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  • Do you have soft top surfboards to rent?
    Yes, we do!
  • Can I get a better deal on the price if I rent a board longer than 24 hours?
    Yes, we will offer a better deal for a longer rental period.
  • What if I rent a board and then want to try a different board?
    You are welcome to exchange the board for another one available within the rental period.
  • Can I rent a board for less than 24 hours?
    Yes, however we won't let a board leave the property for less than $10.
  • Do you have rash guards and wet suits available?
    Yes, they are available to rent for a nominal fee.
  • Do you sell surfing accessories?
    Yes, we sell sunscreen (incl. Avasol), surfboard wax, leashes, and fins.
  • Where do I store the surfboard overnight?
    We prefer that you bring the board to our location for safekeeping. You simply drop it off when finished surfing for the day and then pick it back up the following day at your convenience.
  • What form of payment will you accept?
    Cash, PayPal, Zelle, and Wise
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